The High Speed Electronics Laboratory is currrently working on the projects as highlighted below.

  • Terahertz (300-600GHz) CMOS Circuits and System-on-Chip including frequency synthesizer, radiator, and spectrometer for communication, radar and imaging system applications
  • Terahertz wired communication through hollow and clading plastic waveguides for low power and high speed data links
  • Multiband RF-Interconnect for ultra-wide bandwidth and low power Intra- and Inter-chip communications
  • Inductor-free wireless receiver for cognitive radio and universal mobile receiver applications
  • CMOS System-on-chip for satellite, space science and astrophysics instrumentation applications

Engineering IV

ADI - US Air Force - US Army - Bell Labs - Broadcom - Conexant Systems
CreoNex Systems Inc - US DARPA - Government of Israel - HRL - IARPA
IBM - Inston - Intel - Jazz - JPL - Lehigh University - Lucent Tech
National Science Foundation - US Navy (SPAWAR) - Northrop Grumman
Raytheon - Realtek - Sony - SpaceMOS - Spatial Digital - SRC
SST - Teledyne - TI - TSMC - UMC - Wintek
64-127, Engineering IV Building
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Tel: 310-794-9176

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